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Created in 2008, ENERTIME designs, develops and implements thermodynamic machines and turbomachines for industrial energy efficiency and decentralized renewable energy production.

With a portfolio of diversified proprietary technologies and multidisciplinary technical skills, ENERTIME supports its customers and industrial partners in the implementation of complex industrial solutions for the production of thermal or electrical energy. ENERTIME’s ORC machines convert heat into electricity, and its Heat Pumps produce high temperature heat with lower temperature heat and electricity. Gas expansion turbines recover the lost energy in gas distribution networks to produce electricity and cooling.

Enertime’s ORC modules improve the energy performance of factories by valorizing waste heat of industrial processes into electricity from following resources:
Waste gas and hot air & Liquids and steam
Our tailor-made ORC systems are best suited for raw material processing plants and heavy industry, where technological processes generate large quantity of waste heat (several MWth) such as Cement, Glass, Foundries, Steel mills.
Industrial customers improve their energy efficiency and decrease electricity bills by consuming or selling to the grid the generated power, without greenhouse gas emissions.
Moreover, our ORC technology is ideally suited for industrial waste heat recovery including fluctuating sources with excellent partial load efficiency.
The use of dense organic fluids also avoids the traditional steal auxiliary installation as feed water tank and water treatment.
Our machines are fully automated without the need for a dedicated operator or skilled technician for regular maintenance.

Enertime’s Heat Pumps can produce a high temperature useful heat for industrial processes and district heating networks by using the low or medium temperature resources including:
Low temperature geothermal resources (<40°C)
Optimization of geothermal district heating networks
Industrial waste heat recovery (cooling water, low-pressure steam, etc.)
Wastewater, fresh water, sea water, etc.
Heat and cold simultaneous production for district cooling and industrial processes.
Our heat pumps are equipped with centrifugal compressors designed by Enertime with following characteristics:
High efficiency, High Coefficient of Performance (COP)
Variable power to adjust continuously heat production to customer needs
Use of new generation HFO refrigerant with low greenhouse effect (GWP<5) and no effect on the ozone layer (ODP = 0)

Enertime’s expansion turbines improve the energy efficiency of natural gas expansion stations.
Industrial gas consumers, gas transportation and distribution networks can use gas expansion energy to generate power and cold.
Enertime developed its own gas expansion technology that guarantees a high isentropic turbine efficiency and a capacity to offer tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of its customers.


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