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#Industry #Energy #Management #Software


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#Industry #Energy #Management #Software

about us 

Energiency supports manufacturers in rapidly achieving new and sustainable energy and CO₂ savings by leveraging existing data in real time thanks to its innovative analytics technology combining human and artificial intelligence.

Our product and services:

  • Data Science studies to calculate energy and CO₂ saving potentials
  • Energy Management Software to follow energy consumption in real-time: setup & training
  • Energy Management Coaching to achieve new gains

Our technology couples energy and production data to help industrial operators centralise and share their energy performance analysis and set up monitoring in factories, in accordance with ISO 50001. Our Energy Management Coaches configure the app and help you to analyse your usage and set up real time notifications, so that you can identify and generate energy savings and cut CO₂ emissions over the long term.

Viewing & understanding your energy consumption

After defining the potential energy savings, we securely embed your data within our app in real time. This lets you view your energy consumption in detail, create notifications in case of deviations from your targets, manage your energy use, and build tailored dashboards to identify where you are spending most on energy and your next actions for making savings.


Modelling & analysing how different factors influence your energy consumption in real time

Our Energy Managers work with your experts to identify the industrial production data that needs to be integrated into our algorithms to separate and weigh out how each of these factors influence your energy consumption, making it possible to create a model for monitoring energy use for each type of energy and production.

Optimising your energy performance

Our algorithms are the engine for Energiency’s powerful technology. Our Data Scientists integrate a dynamic energy consumption reference model in our Digital Twin in real time, based on the key factors influencing your work. Then you can instantly view the results of your energy optimisation tests, follow the recommendations and rapidly solidify additional energy gains.



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Arnaud Legrand
President & CEO
Tél : +33 670 891 036
E-mail : arnaud.legrand@energiency.com