April 1: Applications are open

Coordinated by Business France, the application is managed via the F6S platform, where companies willing to participate in the next session are invited to go fill the form and attach all required documents. All prerequisites are stated here.



June 30: Applications are closed

Passed this date, no new application will be accepted. The applications are then extracted from F6S, and first processed by our team to eliminate all companies whose activities would place them outside the field delimited by our prerequisites. The remaining applications are presented to our jury.



September 7: Jury, Selection, Announcement

Once the Jury has processed all applications and determined how well each service and/or product will be received by the North American market, they select the 8 most promising companies to join the 2018 session of Le Créative Lab North America.

The laureates are notified and their names are announced via press release.



September 20: Start-up

On the first day of the program, all laureates are contacted to learn more about their upcoming schedule. This conversation is also the time to identify targets and goals for each laureate’s development in North America. 



October 4-5: Bootcamp 

The 8 laureates are invited in Paris for a one-day bootcamp aimed at preparing them for the program and perfecting their pitch while meeting with experts of the North American Markets (legal, fiscal, etc)

October / November


November 4-20: Online Program

A week packed with video sessions will help the 8 laureates perfect their pitch while meeting with experts of the North American Markets (legal, fiscal, etc). A go-to-market workshop will also allow them to put the final touches to their marketing strategy before pitching to potential clients in BtoB meeting and within a Pitching marathon online event. 

*please note that this schedule is subject to change