Prêt à Tourner is a digital location scouting platform that connects producers and property owners

Company Profile: Founded in 2018, Prêt-à-Tourner aims to meet the needs of audiovisual professionals in film, tv, photo shoots and special events by providing a wide range of unique and atypical filming locations. It saves productions a significant amount of time in finding and selecting filming locations and venues. Offering a geolocation service, instant messaging, reservation system, and an online payment service : Pret a Tourner’s platform provides producers an all-in-one solution to simplify the location scouting and shooting process.

Target audience: Prêt à Tourner wishes to meet with filming locations, film studios, producers, platforms (Netflix, Apple TV, HBO etc…) advertising companies and institutional or heritage locations

References: Netflix, La Gaumont, CAPA, France TV, TF1, M6, Canal, Salto
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