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Tekfen Contracting Group is one of the two most prominent groups of Tekfen Holding, with its more than 17 thousand employees, nearly 2 billion USD of active portfolio and over 330 projects undertaken successfully to date. The Group is considered as one of the biggest institutions in Turkey, in terms of value of its completed projects, and owns one of the largest construction machinery and equipment inventories in the country. 


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Tekfen Contracting Group, whose origin goes back to 1956, is considered as one of the leading contractors of its region today and is active in all aspects of contracting business including feasibility, engineering, construction, assembly, maintenance, project control, management and counseling.

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Central Bank of Azerbaijan

Design and construction of a new 168-metre-high building

Tekfen Construction, which has been active in Azerbaijan for the last 26 years, has undertaken yet another turnkey operation there.

This time, the project design and construction of a new 168-metre-high building for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The agreement covers the construction of a new 37-storey building for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. The turnkey project, which is for a tower 168 metres high on a site with a total area of 67,981 square metres, is due to be completed in 36 months.



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