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Frasers Property Holdings (Thailand) Company Limited operates as a real estate company. The company develops residential, office, industrial, and mixed-use investments, as well as offers project management and business support services. The company created a joint venture agreement with TCC Assets (Thailand) Co Ltd, to develop the One Bangkok project, a fully integrated mixed-use district located in the center of Bangkok.






October 5th




10am (FR time) 3pm (TH time)


The One Bangkok project is approximately with 1.83M sqm of GFA and includes:

  • 5 Premium grade office towers
  • 4 differentiated retail precincts
  • 5 luxury and lifestyle hotels
  • 3 ultra-luxury residential towers
  • 1 cultural hub for the arts

Today, the project has already started, and all the foundations are done.


buildinGs & common infrastructure within the development



One Bangkok is designed to become a top-of-the-range real estate project in Thailand, highlighting sustainable solutions and new technologies at the service of residents and users. The project ambition is to become Thailand’s first LEED for Neighbourhood Development Platinum Project, with all five premium Grade A office towers and a residential tower built to WELL Platinum standards

Frasers wants to build this project according to some key design principles towards smart city innovation and sustainability:

  1. Creating a Smart District with a people centric approach, giving people a voice and ability to engage and “create change”,
  2. Creating a District which enriches people’s lives from a work, live, play, stay and community perspective,
  3. Creating a Sustainable District: energy, water, wellbeing management,
  4. Creating a District which will be a model for future generations,
  5. Creating a District which is agile and future proof, which can adapt as change occurs.

To this means, in collaboration with Business France, Frasers is looking for French technologies, solutions and innovations to be implemented in the project.


Smart Building

  1. Estate Operating Center – Centralized Command Center
  2. Retail/ Office/ Residential/ Hotel Automation
  3. Intelligent Lighting
  4. Co-location Facilities
  5. Digital signage and location based services
  6. Analytical (AI, ML, Big Data) solutions


  1. EV charging
  2. Intelligent Parking/ Bicycle parking


  1. Recycle Air into outside walkways
  2. Air purification systems and AQM sensors
  3. Smart Poles
  4. Smart Footpaths or landscape furniture

Energy / Electricity

  1. Heat Pumps/ Thermal Energy
  2. Energy Management/ On Demand Mgmt. & Battery Technology
  3. Meters and Sub-meters
  4. Smart Grid
  5. Fuel Cell Technology

Digital Technologies

  1. Seamless Wi-fi-Communications
  2. Data Analytics/ IOT Sensors & Big Data Analysis
  3. High Speed Data & ICT Services
  4. Smart Apps – Indoor Mapping, Loyalty Mgmt.
  5. Public Safety & Security (CCTV)
  6. Retail/ Office/ Residential/ Hotel Automation
  7. IOT Platforms and Sensors
  8. Autonomous Vehicles
  9. AI, VR and MR solutions
  10. Sustainability monitoring system
  11. Smart Estate Platform
  12. Smart Lighting
  13. Smart retail analytics
  14. Smart Office solutions and environmental controls
  15. Robotics Solutions
  16. Energy Management platform
  17. Video Analytics Platform e.g. facial recognition, people counting, video analytics
  18. Messaging and integration platform
  19. Mobile application platform
  20. Digital Art Platforms



Before September 25th 2021

Applicant to send the application form (to be completed in English) presenting your company and your technology and solution.

Business France team to review and send your application to Frasers.


Tuesday, October 5th – 10am (French time) / 3pm (Bangkok time)

Presentation of the Thai market by Business France local experts

Frasers presentation: Presentation of the company and the One Bangkok project:

  • The different current needs of the company
  • the referencing process of Frasers to prepare potential BtoB meetings
B2B Meeting

If the company is selected by Frasers representatives after the review of the application forms:

Scheduling of a BtoB meeting in videoconference with representatives of Frasers Property and One Bangkok

Support by Business France team during the meeting


MABILLE Géraldine

Senior Trade Advisor – Thailand


Project Manager – Smart City