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About Us:

Since 2002, BENOMAD has been designing, developing and marketing mapping and navigation software tailored to helping companies manage their mobile resources as effectively as possible. With over 600,000 BeNav installations on GPS-enabled devices and over 500,000 BeMap-enabled vehicles within France and across the globe, BeNomad has risen in the space of a single decade to become one of the leading providers of IT communications and geolocation services!

Their products are:
• BeNav, an industry-strength GPS guidance system tailored to mobile workforce management.
• BeNav Truck, a navigation application specially designed for the haulage industry.
• MoVE, a platform to manage your charging points and electric vehicle fleets and give your drivers peace of mind with the bespoke navigation tools they need to get the most out of their vehicles.
• Fleex Waste, a software platform to improve the efficiency of waste collection and street cleaning services.

BENOMAD also provides mapping services, mapping SDK and navigation API.
The company’s mission is to analyse customer needs in the face of current technological developments in order to provide navigation, location and route optimisation solutions in an ever changing and increasingly complex landscape.