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Water is essential to life, to industries, and to the economy. Because water is not inexhaustible, better management of this precious resource can benefit all stakeholders. WaterShed Monitoring helps organizations that withdraw, distribute, treat and discharge water to optimize their operations through better collection, management and use of water-related data. Through our scientific expertise and technological tools, we help all links in the water value chain to streamline their processes, to better manage their data and, ultimately, to make better decisions in everyone’s best interest. We help every stakeholder in the water sector to minimize their footprint while maximizing their use of our precious resource.

Between the choice of sampling sites and the parameters to be analyzed for each sample, things can sometimes get confusing. To collect the right data and ensure you can transform it into usable information, trust our experts. They will guide you through each step towards developing a realistic monitoring program according to your resources and objectives. Our team can help you meet regulatory requirements by supporting you in the implementation of best practices in data collection and analysis. This way you will have everything you need to answer even the most specific questions. Your conclusions will be easy to defend, and your actions easy to justify.

We know that your human, technical and financial resources are not unlimited, hence the importance of making wise choices when investing in new data management technologies. To assist you in your decision-making, we can help you establish your priorities and offer you concrete solutions to achieve your goals. It can sometimes get confusing to work with data from partners who each have their own way of doing things. Trust our IT specialists to make your job easier and improve the efficiency of your teams. They will find the best way to interconnect your systems and standardize all your data.

The innovative Enki platform makes it easy for users to collect, structure, store, and analyze data relating to water resources. Enjoy a whole range of unique advantages. Its user-friendly interface and smart features make it easier to work collaboratively and help you maximize productivity. Avoid transcription errors and loss of information by entering your field observations directly into Enki. Integrate data from sensors, probes and labs to access it at the touch of your fingertips, wherever you are. Whether you need to submit your analysis results to the authorities or publish raw data, Enki helps you comply with regulatory requirements with its information sharing options. From initial setup to implementation, our water technology and scientific experts do everything to ensure a smooth transition and help you harness the full power of Enki. Enki is protected by a secure authentication system, allowing you to keep full control over your data. By granting access rights yourself, you decide what you share.


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