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Waga Energy upgrades landfill gas into grid-compliant Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), also known as “biomethane”. Thanks to its patented WAGABOX® technology, Waga Energy recovers the methane emitted by the breakdown of organic matter contained in the waste to inject it directly into the gas grid.
The result of ten years of R&D within Air Liquide and Waga Energy, the WAGABOX® technology combines membrane filtration and cryogenic distillation to separate the methane from the other components of the landfill gas. It provides high-quality biomethane that is injected directly into the gas grid. The purification units are fully automated, they operate 24/7 while being under remote computerized supervision.
Waga Energy deploys this solution through a dedicated business model. Waga Energy purchases landfill gas from landfill site operators, funds the construction and operation of WAGABOX® units, and sales biomethane to energy utilities.
Fourteen WAGABOX® units are in operation in France, combined, they supply 30,000 households. Fifteen more WAGABOX® units are under construction in France, Spain and Canada. In 2021, the use of the RNG produced by the WAGABOX® units avoided the emission of 24,000 tons of CO2eq in the atmosphere.
Waga Energy’s headquarters are located in Grenoble (France), a world-renowned center for high-tech innovation with a reputation for leadership in gas engineering and cryogenics. Waga Energy also has subsidiaries in the United States, Canada and Spain.

Waga Energy’s expertise: numerous skills at the service of your projects

Waga Energy integrates all the skills necessary to carry out your biomethane injection projects from a landfill. Mastering all the parameters of the project, Waga Energy can put a WAGABOX® into service less than one year after signing the contract with the operator.


Waga Energy carries out pre-project studies and technical, economic and regulatory feasibility analyses prior to the completion of projects.


Waga Energy designs a solution based on WAGABOX® technology and adapted to the biogas flow rate and site characteristics, guaranteeing optimal use of the resource. 


Waga Energy is responsible for financing the WAGABOXES® under a contract with the landfill operator for the supply of biogas. 


The WAGABOXES® are built in the Grenoble region, in the heart of an internationally recognized industrial ecosystem for gas engineering and cryogenics, in compliance with European standards.


Waga Energy carries out on-site connections (piping, instrumentation, water and electricity) and conformity tests prior to commissioning, in compliance with European standards. 


Exclusive operator of WAGABOX®, Waga Energy ensures 24/7 monitoring by means of a remote-control device and is committed to an availability rate of more than 95%.  


Waga Energy markets biomethane and negotiates the best rates with energy companies.  

Biomethane, a pillar of the energy transition

Biomethane is a renewable energy gas that can replace fossil natural gas. It is obtained by cleaning the biogas produced by the degradation of organic matter (plants, agricultural waste, agro-industrial, household waste, sewage sludge, etc.). Its chemical composition and properties are identical to those of natural gas. It can be injected directly into distribution networks or used as fuel for vehicles. Biomethane is a carbon-neutral gas. The carbon emitted during its combustion had indeed been absorbed by living organisms and was already in the atmosphere at the time of their appearance (this is the short cycle of carbon). Conversely, the use of fossil fuels (oil, coal and natural gas) destroys in the atmosphere the carbon accumulated for millions of years in the subsoil of our planet. Biomethane contributes to the development of a circular economy. It is produced locally, from waste, and consumed by households and businesses in the territory. It can be easily stored and transported thanks to existing gas infrastructure. Biomethane thus contributes to energy independence. Biomethane is a pillar of energy transition. It replaces fossil fuels for transport and heating applications, which represent the bulk of our energy needs and the largest share of our greenhouse gas emissions.

The result of ten years of development, the WAGABOX® is a breakthrough technology for the recovery of biogas from landfilled waste. It combines two purification processes: membrane filtration and cryogenic distillation. Exclusive to Waga Energy, the WAGABOX® technology, patented worldwide, is now the reference solution for the recovery of biogas from landfills. Membrane filtration extracts carbon dioxide (CO2) and impurities from the biogas from the waste. The gas is then cooled to cryogenic temperature to separate methane (CH4) from oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2). Whatever the composition of the raw biogas, the WAGABOX® provides 98% pure biomethane, compatible with the injection criteria of network operators. The WAGABOX® recovers 90% of the methane contained in the biogas of waste, guaranteeing an energy efficiency three times higher than solutions consisting of burning gas to produce electricity. Biomethane is easily stored and transported thanks to existing gas infrastructure.


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