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TrapAparT, created in 2019, responds to the urgency of urban air pollution by offering innovative and ecological solutions. Through our extensive research, we have developed a passive trapping system for harmful particulate matter that are responsible for 8,000 deaths per year in the Île-de-France region alone. Cities are facing a growing public health problem due to air pollution caused by particulate matter from wheel friction on rails, tire wear and fuel combustion.
Our innovative, practical and environmentally friendly solutions can be deployed quickly to clean up the air in the most affected urban areas, protecting the most sensitive and fragile places
Our ambition is to make TrapAparT a key player in environmental public health.

The innovative TrapAparT technology allows to capture particulate matters like PM10 and PM2,5 in a “passive” way. These filters easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain do not require any external energy input and our media are washable and can be reused for several cycles without affecting their efficiency.


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