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The Replace technology is the result of the collaboration between its founders Laurent VILLEMIN and Christian HORN and its equipment manufacturer and historical partner AISA. Together, they have developed an innovative and unique patented technology for the mechanical recycling of complex plastics (multi-layer, multi-component, aluminized,…) post-industrial and post-consumer in mixtures, which currently have no other outlet than landfill or incineration. Replace transforms the material into long products (stakes, pegs, poles and boards), 100% recycled and recyclable, in a logic of “Waste-to-product”.
This disruptive model is both complementary and countercurrent to recycling practices, which require a fine sorting of materials and a regranulation steps.
Replace is part of a circular economy and local approach, according to its Local³ charter : local sourcing, local transformation for local needs and use. Through this solution, we want to contribute to reduce the carbon impact of the sector, to develop the industrial and economic revitalization of territories and to create jobs, in particular adapted, by the establishment of small agile industrial units.

The reliability and performance of the process have been demonstrated with the production of more than 1.8 million vine stakes for the Champagne vineyards, since the end of 2021. We like to create circular stories around materials and outlets for products : these stakes contain waste from champagne caps.

Replace produces planks that can be machined like wood and used for the manufacture of assembled pallets. They are robust, repairable and do not load with humidity.

Replace’s products target many other markets : arboricultural stakes, pallets, road signalling, urban planning and street furniture, building, etc, locally produced and at competitive prices, with a process 4 to 5 times more efficient in terms of productivity than conventional injection processes.


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