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Created by a French tyre collector, REGOM operates in the recycling sector, the company design, manufacture, and sell sorting solutions for used tyres and the linked software.
With the development of a semi-automatic sorting machine with AI recognition, we can orient the used tyres toward the destination of recovery corresponding to the characteristics analyzed.
This machine as well as the associated sorting tables and related management software, make it possible to facilitate the operations of the sorters and the company but also to identify the tyres to meet new customer demands (reuse, retreading, granulation, pyrolysis, etc.).
We are working on the French and European levels to refine and optimize the valorization using the individual characterization of the tyre, the refinement of sorting, and the traceability of production. Through our work, we seek to take the lead to allow our customers to adapt more easily to the markets of tomorrow with the new traceability issues, online installation, reuse, or identification of components when using tyres in material recovery.

MTP-TRI, our semi-automated sorting machine for ELTs analyzes the visible data on the flanks, measures tread wear, and weights them. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence present inside as well as the configured and adaptable destination rules, MTP-TRI can automatically evacuate up to 30% of the tyres. The remaining tyres are taken up to the sorting tables and passed to the sorters who check their physical condition. Then, they validate thanks to the screens and button boxes at their disposal, that the destination shown by the machine corresponds to the right outflow.     

To facilitate the physical and visual checks of the tyres, we have created sorting tables suitable for our sorters. In addition to improving their comfort, their work is transformed and their job is enhanced. We help them make decisions about the final destination of the tyre by showing them proposals for destinations based on the elements analyzed by the machine.

The sorter can send the tyre to the appropriate distribution door related to its final destination by pressing the corresponding button.

We have also developed a suite of software dedicated to the proper functioning of the machine and the facilitation of sorting activities.

– TRI Initial allows users to make the technical and IT adjustments needed for internal business processes.

– TRI Admin is used for destination rules management, traceability, and tyre list management.

– TRI Management provides a global overview of tyre sorting activities and distribution to refine production.

– TRI Stock allows you to manage orders and can easily be interfaced with your marketplaces or online sales catalog.  


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