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about us :

We deliver smart solutions for monitoring air quality and other environmental parameters, to support healthy people and a prospering planet.

The company is organized into two business units. In the first, we develop and provide connected systems and SaaS (software as a service) data management solutions worldwide. In the second, we distribute scientific instruments and offer maintenance all throughout France.

Ecomesure operates from its offices in the largest scientific research-intensive clusters in the world. Its headquarters are located in the Paris-Saclay R&D hub in France, and its American subsidiary is based in Boston.

We lead the way from our unique position on the air quality monitoring market, with over 30 years in metrology and measuring instrument calibration.

Well-versed in all the technological building blocks of the value chain, our in-house R&D team masters:
– Integration of electronic components
– Communications systems
– Energy management
– Database management
– Cybersecurity
– AI
– SaaS via the web platform model
– Front-end applications based on UX and UI
Our solutions are by design comprehensive, accessible, customizable to your industrial set-up, easy-to-deploy, and simple to maintain.

Our customer-centric technical support guarantees a satisfactory experience, starting with needs analysis, through solutions development and deployment, after-sales service and finally, post-deployment data analysis.

Resolutely focused on international markets and driven by innovation, Ecomesure has posted solid growth. Export sales of connected systems exceed 75%, and the company invests 10% of revenue in R&D.

Ecomesure has carried out over 300 projects in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our references vary widely from industry, research, quality control and environment service providers, to the public sector, cities and regional governments.

EcomSmart 2 is the new generation of connected ambient air quality monitoring station associated with data manager and analysis services.

More connected, compact, and powerful than its pre­decessor, EcomSmart 2 is a cutting-edge technological solution that allows you to simultaneously monitor up to 10 parameters (gases, particles, environmental fac­tors) in real time. Each integrated sensor is qualified and calibrated according to a well-defined process to provide accurate and reliable data.

The data is sent in real-time to a dedicated platform where all management, analysis and integration services are available 24/7.

Our indoor air quality monitoring and analysis solutions (EcomZen2, EcomLite2, EcomNano) meet the health and comfort needs of individuals breathing in indoor spaces such as schools, hospitals, open spaces, gyms, shopping malls, homes… The latest generations of our products are more compact, powerful and lightweight than the first generation and accurately measure a multitude of parameters continuously on demand: PM, CO, CO2, CO, VOC… noise, light, temperature, humidity, pressure.

The data is available on a secure web platform in real time where all associated management, analysis and integration services are available 24/7.

The Ecomesure web platform greatly simplifies data management, analysis and sensor control with useful services:

– Display real-time and historical measurements

– Store and download data

– Remotely control your monitors

– Configurable alerts and/or warnings

– Data analysis reports

– Data transfer to your everyday tools or database export (big data aggregation)

– In-situ recalibration


Julie PELLETIERNorth America Regional Manager
E-mail :
Tél. : +33 (0)6 89 95 31 96 – +1 914 291 5666

4 rue René Razel – 91400 Saclay – France
501 Boylston Street – 02116 Boston – MA United States

Website : Ecomesure