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Family -owned French independent company, CHROMATOTEC® develops, manufactures and sales scientific instrumentation since 1986.
Exclusively designed and made in France, our instruments are aimed at industry and environment markets. They are used for the continuous monitoring of impurities at very low concentration levels in gases and liquids as certain atmospheric pollutants. They allow the analysis of ambient air quality and industrial air control.
Since 40 years on gas analysis market, Chromatotec® is recognized all around the world for its leading-edge technology. The group realizes more than 80% of its activity at export.
Based on chromatography principle, our analyzers are focused on VOC/Sulfurs/Odor Monitoring. Available in rack or wall mounted box, they can include gas generators and automatic calibration  systems produced by Chromatotec®. Portable solutions for measurement of VOCs, BTEX and formaldehyde are also proposed. These technologies allow to track individual compounds at ppt/ppb/ppm concentration levels in complex matrices.
Our all-in-one industrial GC solutions are autonomous solutions integrated in special housings answering industrial needs for continuous monitoring of compounds on site. These solutions for gas and liquids analysis are perfectly suited for on field installation for petrochemistry, natural gas control or waste water treatment plants for odor monitoring.
Chromatotec® also collaborates with several universities, “CNRS” and institutes for air quality control, especially for projects financed by Europe.  
Chromatotec® solutions have also been selected by US EPA (Environment Protection Agency), independent agency attached to US government, among the 3 best autoGC solutions in an evaluation study gathering 88 world companies and are installed in several American States.
Chromatotec® also works with private research centers of big industrial groups on developing turnkey analysis solutions.
The group is relying on specialized and experienced distributors network all around the world. Our solutions are certified in several countries.

Vigi e-nose : Advanced system for odorous emissions monitoring for waste water treatment plants

The odor profile of emissions from waste water treatment plants are often related to volatile sulfur compounds presence, as H2S, mercaptans and thioethers.

vigi e-nose from Chromatotec® is an automated solution dedicated to odors and VOCs measurement, as well as sulfur compounds speciation at very low levels of concentration (ppb/ppm).  It combines two technologies: TRS MEDOR for sulfur compounds analysis and a PID detector allowing to enrich the chemical and olfactive touch.

Accurate, portable and user-friendly analyzers

Chromatotec® has integrated a range of portable analyzers for BTEX and Formaldehyde monitoring. These portable instruments offer rapid and accurate measurements with very low detection limit.

microBTEX is a compact BTEX analyzer which allows continuous and real-time qualification and
quantification of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene (ETO) and Xylene.

microF is a compact Formaldehyde analyzer which allows continuous and real-time qualification and quantification of Formaldehyde (HCHO). Continuous and real time monitoring.

Analyzing and monitoring water and wastewater quality

Chromatotec® has launched an analytical system allowing liquid analysis based on gas chromatography with liquid injection by Purge & Trap system : the airmoVOC WMS. This unique and efficient Mcerts certified GC-FID solution measures and analyzes VOCs and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene) dissolved in liquid matrices.

This instrument is today used for multiple applications like the analysis and monitoring of the quality of wastewater in refining processes or the analysis of trace BTEX in source water.


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