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CALLISTO specializes in the fields of Engineering, Water Treatment and Recycling. CALLISTO offers an effective and pragmatic approach, a factor in the development of its customers. Our approach includes feasibility studies, treatability tests, source reduction, process optimization and the design of production, Reuse or water treatment units, whether fixed or mobile. CALLISTO has been implementing for more than 30 years both conventional technologies and the most advanced ones alone or in a complete chain with production of biogas from anaérobic treatement of organic wastewaters.

CALLISTO has been operating the VOLVO group’s first entirely ZERO DISCHARGE site for 20 years, studied, designed and built by our teams.

The project consisted of restructuring the production tool to reduce the volumes of effluent to be treated, then separating the flows according to their composition to pre-treat them specifically. In the end, after physico-chemical treatment and by evapo-concentration, the water from the treatment is 100% reused in the plant’s industrial processes.

CALLISTO has been operating the first agri-food sector site in the Occitanie area for 6 years, ensuring the production of Drinking Water Grade water from the treatment of its waste for recycling.

The unit, entirely studied, designed and built by our teams, includes pre-treatment, a biological membrane reactor and water production by membrane process.

The recycled water is reused for washing lemonade bottles with a 60 to 70% reduction in water consumption. The water distributed has the same health guarantees as drinking water.

CALLISTO signs a contract with a French Dairy Group for the construction of its new effluent treatment and recycling station as part of the creation of its new plant.

The future facility will produce 65% of the plant’s natural gas needs. This project is supported and financed by the Water Agency because it is a priority in the perspective of access to energy autonomy for French industrial sites.


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