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about us :

Aprotek is the specialist in super absorbent products. The company produces and formulates effective solutions to facilitate the management of most liquids in the industrial world.
For the past 10 years, APROTEK has been working alongside companies in the environment, energy, agriculture, hygiene and cable markets.
Its core business in the environmental sector? The dewatering of sludge with a view to its excavation and recycling. The products in the APROMUD® range are derived from recycling channels and are totally environmentally friendly.
Aprotek supports its customers in their low-carbon approach while optimizing the reduction of costs and treatment means.

Oil industry, mining

The APROMUD® range is the benchmark for dewatering agents. It is composed of organic polymers specially formulated by Aprotek to make pelletizable, transportable and recyclable sludge that is too liquid, by encapsulating free water. Aprotek’s development know-how enables it to adapt its APROMUD® products to all types of sludge (construction sites, industrial processes, concrete, mining processes, polluted and oilfield sites, lagoon cleaning).

APROFLOC® is a range of flocculants and coagulants that provide a versatile response to effluent treatment. These solutions allow to clarify water by aggregating colloids in suspensions by electrostatic charge affinities.


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