Thomas Samuel is the founder of Sunna Design, a world-leading company specialized in the design and manufacturing of smart solar street lighting solutions based in Bordeaux, France. Together with Sol Inc acquired in 2020, Sunna has over 120 000 products installed in over 60 countries worldwide, primarily in emerging markets, lighting up more than 100 million people.

With Thomas’s leadership and vision company has received 10 international awards including MIT, Ernst & Young, Frost & Sullivan and Bloomberg. Thomas was awarded “engineer of the year” in 2014 and positioned Sunna to be the 2018 Zayed Future Energy Prize Winner.

Thomas has successfully developed an international network of partners and expanded Sunna into multiple markets. Thomas also led the negotiation with investors for fueling the company’s growth, and raised over m$20

Since 2015 Thomas developed a new social venture called “MOON” : an innovative, tech-driven, developer and provider of integrated solar & digital inclusion solutions for off-grid populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.