Freda Obeng-Ampofo

Founder and Chief Mixer

It all started with a few jars, a desire to share with others and a passion to make a body cream that nourished the skin and awakened one’s senses.  So Freda Obeng-Ampofo started mixing and making a few creams for her family and friends, but this was not just any cream. Using the finest amounts of Ghana’s golden shea butter, coupled with 10 years of hand-making experience, Freda whipped-up shea butter so light and pure, and delicately infused them with memorable aromatic oils that undoubtedly left one longing for more.  And, pretty soon, friends and friends of friends wanted more. A few years later, KAEME was born.

KAEME  is a high premium African beauty and cosmetics company  that specialises in personal and skin care products offering a range of natural shea butter and liquid black soap products — all handcrafted using essential oils and natural ingredients.

Named after the Akan phrase meaning, “forget me not” or  “remember me,” KAEME has quickly become unforgettable, taking the African subcontinent by storm.

As Chief Mixer,  Freda and the KAEME team provide unique customer experiences as well as solutions to existing skincare problems. KAEME products are crafted with natural ingredients to evoke memorable experiences and give customers a sense of luxury.  Each product is specially formulated by hand to ensure each customer experiences superior quality Ghana-made products that are good for the body and senses.

The velvety texture, broad variety of scents, and high quality ingredients of KAEME’s products are a few of its unique qualities.  KAEME’s goal is to create and promote its high quality Ghana-made products on a globally competitive scale. This is done by creating excellent products paired with person-to-person customer service interactions.  The KAEME team thrives on ensuring each customer receives the ultimate KAEME experience from start to completion of their contact with the brand.

Overall, KAEME has thrived and continues to win the hearts of its clients all while celebrating  Ghana’s naturally-endowed heritage through its unforgettable range of contemporary, ethically-sourced skincare products. Mixing passion, care and the best of Ghana’s most sought after ingredients, KAEME delivers the very best, making it unforgettable.

Freda has Bachelors of Arts degree in International Affairs from Gordon College in Massachusetts, USA and a Masters in Public Administration degree from Science Po, Paris (Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris)