Gerardine Mahoro, GONAT Grant and Project Manager, BANQUE AFRICAINE DE DEVELOPPEMENT & Founder of ACT05 


Always in search of impact, Gérardine Mahoro is the AfDB’s GONAT Grant and Project Manager covering Fragile and Transitional Countries on Governing Natural Resource Outflows for Enhanced Economic Resilience, to strengthen the capacity of States through improved mobilization of domestic resources and position the AfDB as a promoter and influencer of inclusive and sustainable development.

Before that Gérardine worked for the AfDB’s Africa Natural Resources and Investment Centre (ANRC) and was focal point for the Simandou project in Guinea.

Between the two functions, she worked for PWC Paris on Public Sector Advisory for Francophone Africa. 

In 2020 she founded ACT05 firm that promotes local opportunities doing country focus and sector focus advisory and business event through the ACT05’s VISIT & INVEST IN concept.